Use the Tools

The TCSI partners are committed to science-based land management decision-making and continuous improvement. Our research and tools underpin a shared restoration strategy across all land ownerships and can be applied across California.

The ten pillars of resilience were developed by TCSI as part of the framework for resilience to describe and measure resilience.

How to Use the Tools

We created a How-To-Guide to help new projects get started. Learn more about our tools and find the approach that’s right for you.


TCSI Tools

Framework for Resilience

The pillars of resilient forests and watersheds. Each pillar has measurable elements and metrics to guide your restoration work.

Assessment of Current Landscape Conditions

Current conditions within the TCSI landscape, focusing on six of the ten pillars of resilience.

Blueprint for Resilience and Mapping Tool

A set of strategy maps that identifies key opportunities for forest protection and adaptation within the TCSI landscape.

Partner Tools

Regional Resource Kits

The Regional Resource Kits help regional partners plan, prioritize, and monitor projects. Created by the California Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force.


Planscape is a wildfire resilience planning support tool that helps land managers evaluate large amounts of data to consider potential management options. This tool incorporates the pillars of resilience and shows metrics values relative to the rest of the Sierra Nevada ecoregion. Created by the California Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force.

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